How to add stylish HTML sitemap in Blogger [Updated]

Hello! Friends. Today in this article we will learn how to create a stylish HTML sitemap in Blogger. You don’t have to do the coding. I will do it for you. Follow the easy steps that given below.

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But Before we add a sitemap in our website lets know about what is a sitemap. And the benefits of having a sitemap in website. 

Note: The script is updated. 

What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a page or file where the information and url of your website like- pages, posts, videos and other files are stored in your website. A sitemap also helps the search engines like- Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to crwal your website and eventually getting indexed of pages done faster.

Sitemap sends the information about your website pages and valuable information to search engines. Which helps you to rank on search.

For example, it send the information of your website pages about the last update, how often the pages changed and other alternative language for your avaliable pages.

Types of sitemaps:

Currently, there are two type sitemap. They are given below.
  1. HTML sitemap
  2. XML sitemap
And the XML sitemap divded into the following types:
  • Image sitemaps 
  • Video sitemaps 
  • News sitemaps 
  • Mobile sitemaps 

HTML Sitemap 

A HTML sitemap is a HTML based page where all the posts or subpages url and information of your website are well organisedly available. Almost all websites have a HTML sitemap for their visitors. 

        ➣If you want than you can also visit our HTML sitemap from here.

The main purpose of HTML Sitemaps are the users. It helps the users the see the structure of your website and visit any pages that they want in your website.

It also helps the search engines to understand your website and get indexed on search results. 

Adding a HTML sitemap in Blogger is very easy. You just have to copy the below HTML code and paste it into a page. 

Steps to add a HTML sitemap

Step-1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard and open the page section from the menu bar.

Step-2: Now create a New page. And swith to HTML view.

Step-3: Now copy the Code given below and paste it into the page.

Step-4: Now set the title as sitemap and publish the page.

Congratulation! You have successfully created a stylish html sitemap for your Blogger website. Now you can visit your sitemap page.

Other sitemap HTML codes.

If you want than you can also download other HTML sitemap code for your Blogger website. This section of this post we always update when ever we get new sitemap code. So for more HTML sitemap code bookmark this url.

First sitemap code download it from here we will update more code here.

The installation process are the same download the txt file and copy paste the code as shown as above.

Don't forget to share your feedback about this article. If you face any problem than you can ask me in the comment section. 

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