How to use Joystick in Pokemon go ?

Hello! Friends today I am back with another interesting topic in gaming category. From title you have already informed that its about Pokemon Go. Tody I will share a method by following that You will be able to add Joy stick in Pokemon go safely without banning account and easily.

Before, we start talking about our today topic let me tell you little introduction of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the gaming version of famous Japanese adventure anime "Pocket Monster" also known as "Pokemon" worldwide Released on 6 Jully 2016. The publisher and developer of this game are Niantic" and "The Pokémon Company". This game is released on Android and IOS platform. 

Why use Joystick?

In Pokemon Go game you get a avatar in your game. Which presents you in the game. However, unlike other game In order to move one place to another place in game you have to move or walk in real life to. Thats the difference of this game from others. This game automatically collect your location via gps and show you in the game where you are. But, some time this feature of this game feels boring. 

Imagine, You want to play your Favourite game but its raining out so you can't get out from thats mean you can't play either. To solve this problem some players use Joystick in their game play. So that they can move anywhere sitting on one place. But Pokemon Go doesn't have Joystick in its gameplay. So we have to use thirdparty service.

How add Joystick in Pokemon Go ?

Now let's see how we can use Joystick in Pokemon Go follow the steps below. But, First associate your Facebook account with your Pokemon Go account. 
Step1: Associateyour Pokemon go account with your Facebook account. Later on we will need it to login.
Step2: Search typing "Pgsharp" on google and click on the First website that appears named "
Now window like below will appear. 

Step3: Click on Big Download button than an application will be downloaded. This app is only for android users not for IOS.
Step4: After the Download is complete install the "Pokemon Go" that you installed. 

After your install complete than you can open the game normally you open the game downloaded from playstore. Now click on sign. But you have to sign in via "Facebook". Thats why I told you to associate your game account with Facebook. Now you can play Pokemon Go with Joystick. You have to do nothing just open and paly.
Note: Uninstall Pokemon Go If you already downloaded. 

Will it cause my account baned?

By using PGSHARP your account is safe. They use the same game engine on the same server. Therefore you will get the future updates. If you want than you can buy thier premium apk with so many features. But I think you can easily play with their free version. 


I hope you like the article. If you did than share it with your friends. And if faced with any problem on installation than feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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